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Gumpert Racing Gear


A wet September day back in 2013 was supposed to be the reason why Gumpert Racing Gear quietly started up, this was where my first real motorcycle accident happened while I was wearing a recognized suit

which proved after the crash to be very poor in safety.

When I subsequently looked at the market for a new suit with more certainty, I could first see that the prices were prohibitively expensive and with the few customization choices there were, it immediately seemed like a stupid investment.


This was what subsequently gave me the opportunity to make direct contact with a manufacturer in the hope of opening up more options such as customization, design, etc.

it succeeded with such a finished result that many noticed the unique play of colors and design that matched the motorcycle I was riding in at the time.


It went from there to that I started to do design and measurement for the closest motorcycle mates and later customers at the same time with an idea to take the leap from hobby to professional and from supplier to manufacturer.


After a number of years as a supplier with a manufacturer that did not have the same intention as me to upgrade over time, the idea leap was taken and I was no longer bound to use outdated safety components or the few material standards the previous manufacturer had to offer.


Today, we are pleased to offer the market's best safety components in our suits and with materials that have been developed within the

latest textile technology worldwide.

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