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Purchase items step by step
  1. Find the desired item and add the item to the shopping cart by clicking on the symbol "Add to basket". You can then continue your item purchase if you want to buy further.

  2. If you regret your content or want to make corrections in your purchase, you can always go up in the shopping cart and make corrections, delete the content or correct the number of purchased items. Remember to click on update basket, to then see your changes.

  3. When you order your items, press "go to checkout". Here you also choose the form of payment and shipping method. Next, you enter your customer information, confirm your order, as well as having read and accepted trading conditions, and then complete your purchase. If you leave the page before you press close purchase, your purchase transaction will not be completed.

  4. After you have completed your purchase, you will receive a confirmation of your item purchase on your specified email. In the order confirmation, there will also be information about the procedure for targeting your item purchase.

  5. In connection with your purchase of goods, and for electronic payment, a secure encrypted payment method is used through the webshop system. It is via an approved provider with approvals from the Emærket.

Protection of personal information

Data protection is a high priority in and we therefore want transparency about how we process your personal information. None of the personal information registered on will at any time be transferred or made available to third parties. is responsible for the personal information you enter on the website ifb. with purchases of goods in accordance with the applicable law on data protection.


The information you enter is as follows:

- Contact information including name, address, e-mail, telephone number etc.

- Order information

- IP address

- Which items you have clicked on


We use this information to manage your webshop purchases at, in relation to processing your orders, questions / answers about your purchases, delivery status or possibly delivery problems with your goods. Your personal information is used to identify you, ensure us that you are of legal age and thus may shop online. All fake item orders are reported to the police. You always have the right to be informed of the personal information we have registered about you. Likewise, you always have the right to have this data deleted.


Cookies: We use cookies to store your information if you tick "remember me" during a purchase. In addition, we also make use of cookies, to store your shopping cart, to store the products you have clicked on and when you search for goods on our website. does not store your personal information, as you can easily delete cookies via your computer or mobile device.

Manufacture of order purchases
  • When you have completed a purchase of goods, you will automatically receive an e-mail containing information about the further course in relation to measurement and design for suits / gloves / boots.

  • Ift. press on suit, there will be bla. used manual printing, digital printing or patchwork. All these different prints each possess special properties. Depending on the desire and design of the suit, we need to advise you on the best possible choice of print, unique color choices with further or patchwork.

  • Unfortunately, we can not guarantee either manual or digital printing, or whether the color matches the patch work as this is a very fragile print, similar to printing on a T-shirt, whereas patchwork is much more durable. However, the leather is broken with a needle when choosing patchwork due to this being sewn on.

  • Color of design template / illustration of design you get sent you have to think about there is always a difference from screen to screen and illustration you get for approval has light effects on !. so ALWAYS REMEMBER you start from the agreed color that is written you must approve and since each piece of leather absorbs the color differently so make reservations for shade difference !.

  • If you want a very special color, you must provide us with a color code and it must be written down in our correspondence.

  • To hit the color code as best we can then make different color samples on leather and you will have the last word and that color will be used for your suit.

  • Unfortunately we can also not guarantee on either rubber grips or rubber logos, we test regularly and make sure they live up to the best standard but we mount them on the inside of the knee for grips we also do on the inside of the forearm these are wear points ! which from the start is exposed to a huge load but we do it for grip and we as well as our professional clients love it !.

  • But we are honest and have to say that we have seen two things !.

1: worn through after two years (approx. 30000km)

2: That by choosing two colored that the wide color can loosen !.

do not fear these two things however this is a wear part and can be easily disassembled.

problem 1 will happen it can not be avoided with time it is like a tire you use it you wear it.

problem 2 can be avoided you just have to say you want rubber grips and logos in one color.






Payment method receives payment via the following payment options:

  • Paypal

  • VISA + Debit

  • Mastercard + Debit

  • VISA Electron

  • VISA Dankort

Terms of trade
  • All transactions made via this website take place between you as a customer and
    Company Name:
    Hustomten 28, 5800 Nyborg
    Tel: +4529607867
    CVR number: 39537621
    Facebook: @

  • reserves the right to change and update the terms and conditions described for this website. Therefore, it is important that you keep up to date with any changes.

Return / Complaint
  • unfortunately does not provide returns cf. § 18, subsection 2, no. 3 of the Consumer Contracts Act, as our products / goods fall under the concept of "order purchase", where it is described that:
    "The rules of the right of withdrawal do not apply to: delivery of goods which are manufactured according to the consumer's specifications or have a clear personal touch".

  • As Gumpert- sells goods specially made for you according to your wishes, there is therefore no right of return or any kind of guarantee on any of the goods, as it is a so-called order purchase and it is therefore not possible to test the product before sale ext .. .§ 18, subsection 2, no.4

  • If you want to advertise / complaint , we ask you to contact our customer service via our email or chat,
    here you must attach pictures of the product you want to advertise, as well as your order number.

    We will follow the Consumer Complaints Board's guidelines for any questions of doubt.

  • When buying a really bespoke leather suit in race fit from Gumpert, you should expect a run-in time of at least 45 minutes to xxx minutes. It can tighten anywhere, but if you want race fit you have to work a little for it !.

  • We can not see exactly how you work on your bike, and thus do not give an exact run-in time. But we know what we're doing and we know it's going to play 100%.

  • Loose fit is an option, but then you must say before we start measuring, and sign that you want the extra cm.                                                                                                                                            

  • Extra tight ass we call a lift! which is also an option, however, you will for some time be extra restricted in movement as the whole pussy is tight.

  • The fit you want we measure you after we disclaim any responsibility for your choice after we have advised you and therefore we can not subsequently be held responsible if you regret the chosen passport form.

  • For information, all our products are inspected for defects before delivery, and photos are taken of all order purchases after the end of production.                                                                               

  • Remember to read all specifications, all info and trading conditions so you know what you approve and order.

  • We want to add that if something goes wrong, because of course something can go wrong, we are here to help you. We do not run from responsibility and should there be a mistake that is our fault, we use the right to solve the problem, but we do NOT take an item back.
    But we will make the mistake that there may be and we will pay all the costs that will be..

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